A Prayer for Solidarity

This is one of the prayers I had the privilege of contributing to a great book by one of my teachers and friends: Mere Spirituality: The Spiritual Life According to Henri Nouwen, by Wil Hernandez.

From Chapter Six: Solidarity

O God, our life,

You made us in Your own image and yet somehow also took on our own flesh. At our creation, You breathed Your life into us as pure gift, and every person we have ever encountered has that touch that could only come from Your hand. As I unpack my own life hidden in Christ and find You indwelling me–where the life that You live and the life You have given me are ever more the same, help me to see You indwelling the people I will pass today–whether strangers on the street or my closest loved ones in my own home. As grateful as I am that You are here with me, I am even more awestruck that You are here with us. Because of that, may I never again see another person as a stranger, but may I behold You, who indwell me, in them. Amen.