On Her 40th

  1. From the very beginning, I’ve never felt like I needed to pretend to be someone I’m not when I’m with her. On the contrary, she—more than anyone else—welcomes and invites my truest self (the me that’s usually hidden from other people and even from myself) to show up and be known. 

  2. She’s a record-settingly good mom to our kids. They love being with her, and not just in a “young kids want to be around mom” kind of way. She’s fun, patient, caring, and encouraging with them. 

  3. When she laughs at something, she’s usually kind of a cute quiet giggler. But I love the sound of the rare times she has a good belly laugh. 

  4. She takes life at my kind of speed. An example is that an ideal vacation for either of us doesn’t involve moving fast and being around noise. Give us a porch with a view and a couple of rocking chairs and we’re happy. This means we have a good, long future of enjoying one another. 

  5. She cares deeply about people. 

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