There’s a difference between praying and living prayerfully. This book guides you through three time-proven ways that millions of Christians throughout history have discovered make a difference. You, too, will see your prayer life spill over into everything you do so that your entire life becomes prayerful. As the author shares his own personal stories and passes along wisdom on prayerful living from other Christians of today and the past, you will sense God’s invitation to you to live prayerfully by praying with other people's words, praying without words, and praying with your own words. Included are explorations of these three ways of prayer and guides for readers to experience them.

Available in print and Kindle editions.

“I cannot help but feel great pleasure in commending Daniel Harris’ work on prayer.“
from the Foreword by Ruth Haley Barton

“… a book whose theme is amazingly simple but profoundly helpful.“
Victor P. Hamilton, Asbury University

“I recommend this book to all who seek to connect with God.”
Mark Maddix, Northwest Nazarene University

“Accessible and insightful”
Joannah Sadler, Conversations Journal

“Definitely a helpful tool for beginners and practitioners alike.”
Wil Hernandez, Spiritual Director

“Completely practical and presented in an instructive and winsome manner.”
Robert Pelfrey, Methodist Pastor

“… a refreshingly simple (though not easy!) way to pray for those who desire to live in the immediacy of relationship with God.”
Clair Allen Budd, Asbury University