What REVEAL Revealed

I am a big fan of the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey, developed by the Willow Creek Association. The essence of REVEAL is that is is an attempt to take the measurements available to church leaders to a level beyond attendance and giving numbers by surveying people on their spiritual beliefs, attitudes, and practices. The intended result is that church leaders will then be able to focus their energy and resources on the things that are actually most catalytic in people's spiritual growth.

During the time that I had a full-time staff position in our church as Pastor of Discipleship, I was the primary person working with our REVEAL results, interpreting them to my fellow staff members and church leaders, and making/implementing suggestions based on what they told us. (I'm now in a very part-time staff role at the same church.)

Occasionally I get asked by people from other churches about our experience with REVEAL, so I thought it would be helpful to write about how I processed our data and the things that it taught us. And although it's no longer part of my staff responsibilities, I hope that looking at the data again as I write will help me and other leaders our church to focus our efforts in the most helpful ways.

This post will serve as a general Table of Contents for other posts in this series about REVEAL and provide links to each of them.

REVEAL-informed posts not part of this series:

New Posts in this Series
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  4. Methodist Strengths Become Weaknesses
  5. Our Beliefs, Particularly Salvation by Grace
  6. Our Practices, Particularly Reflection on Scripture
  7. Our Mission, Particularly Evangelism
  8. What We Tried to Do After Our First Survey
  9. What the Second Survey Revealed
  10. And more...
I hope that these posts will be helpful to others, and if you're a church leader curious about or involved with REVEAL, feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.