The First Week of BlogX: Complete!

The most helpful person to me in the technical parts of setting up this blog has been John at TentBlogger. He has a ton of very helpful information on his blog, and if you're a blogger as well, you should definitely become familiar with what he writes there. Seriously, what Dave Ramsey is to my paycheck, TentBlogger is to this blog. (I'm far from being black-belt at the things that either one of them teaches, but I'm making progress!) John has begun a 90-day blogging challenge called BlogX, and I'm participating to try to improve my writing habits and clean up the technical parts of the blog. It's been a real challenge so far, but if I can stick with it, I really think it will pay off with more consistency and better writing.

I've actually been done with the first week of BlogX for a week, and didn't get much of anything done on the blog last week. But, I'm back on the wagon now. Blogging lesson learned: When I can look on my calendar and foresee a few days when I know I won't be able to write anything, it would be great to already have a few drafts on hand to be able to publish and keep the activity on the blog happening during those down days.

Looking forward to seeing what's coming in BlogX week 2...