A Prayer to Know God's Presence

This is one of the prayers I had the privilege of contributing to a great book by one of my teachers and friends: Mere Spirituality: The Spiritual Life According to Henri Nouwen, by Wil Hernandez.

From Chapter Three: "Presence"

God who is with me, 

Help me to be here with you, as you are here with me, right now. I do not need to be anywhere else, anyone else, nor do I need anything else to be more fully with you. Open these ears that you have given me to hear the sounds that are really around me. Open these eyes that you have given me to see this moment as it actually is. And as you teach me to see and hear this life that you have so generously gifted to me, may I offer that kind of attentive presence to those with whom my path crosses. As I find myself here with you, show me how to recognize your presence here with my brothers and sisters, so that this longing that is so deep within us can be touched–that we may be one as you are one.