A Prayer for the Struggle to be Who I am With God

This is one of the prayers I had the privilege of contributing to a great book by one of my teachers and friends: Mere Spirituality: The Spiritual Life According to Henri Nouwen, by Wil Hernandez.

From Chapter Two: "Identity"

God, my Creator and Designer,

I have tried to live much of my life as somebody else. I have wished for other people's abilities, other people's successes, other people's relationships, and other people's influence. Yet when I am alone and quiet with you, the imaginary person that I have tried to invent for the sake of my own happiness fades away, and it begins to sink in that you never loved that person anyway – for that person never existed in your mind. The person you have loved as your treasured child is this me who sits here with nothing to bring to impress you. The person you love is the one I have been all along yet am only beginning to know.

The more I let you make me into me, the more everything else falls away, and your love becomes my way of life. May it be so, for the sake of the fulfillment of your love.