Daily Options and a New Schedule

A couple of changes to what you'll see here, based on two things I've learned from my most recent writing project: First, as I'm writing this, I've got about two and a half years in which this blog has been my favorite hobby, even if a very inconsistent one. Going back even farther, I had a previous blog which had a life of about four years before beginning this one, so apparently my track record of writing online without any predictable rhythm is now into its seventh year.

(Seeing that I've been blogging that long and have now built an email list of about seventy subscribers means my blog grows at about a rate of one reader per month. I'm quite happy with it being among the slowest-growing blogs in America. That means you're much more valuable to me than you would be to those silly famous people.)

But the intention is finally pretty settled in me to change that. Among the things that writing the 40 Days of Prayer posts taught me was that, to my own surprise, I really enjoyed writing according to a more disciplined schedule. I've overdone it for brief stretches in the past, trying to post something every day, which I can't keep up for long and still do other important things like bathe regularly. And–much more often–I've underdone it and not posted anything for long periods of time. So (I think) I've found a rhythm I can settle into while utilizing some of the things I learned while writing the Lent messages and work on a schedule of posting something new three times per week.

Second, based on the very kind feedback that a good number of folks gave me about the Lent messages, I realized that it isn't just the regularity of writing that matters, but also the regularity of reading. So, hopefully the three times per week schedule will be helpful in that regard, but for the handful of you who might want to also read something on the in-between days when nothing new has been posted, I've decided to start linking to some of the things I've written before which I think are still worth saying. (This experiment will be considered a success if anyone chooses it, and it will be a raving success if anyone who isn't a blood relative opts in.)

So, if you're interested in a daily option (except for Saturday mornings–I'll be taking a sabbath, and I'll let my internet monkeys take one too), choose one of these:

  • Email: If you choose the email subscription option "Every Single Day (Except Saturdays)", on the days new things are posted, you'll receive them by email like normal. On the in-between days, you'll receive a link to something that's already out there.
  • Facebook: If you Like the blog's page on Facebook, the same links will be posted there–new things on new thing days, and old things on in-between days.
  • Twitter: Same idea, different way to get the links by following me on Twitter (@deharris). I post other things on Twitter as well, usually related to the kind of stuff I write about here-particularly links to good stuff I read by others online or on a Kindle.