My First Real Endorsement

After posting the fake endorsements last week, I'm pumped to have my first actual endorsement of Live Prayerfully. Wil Hernandez is several things for me: a spiritual director, friend, teacher, and all-around encourager. One of the reasons I enjoy every conversation with Wil so much is that he really knows his stuff, and he's tied together a passion for learning, for teaching, and for helping others grow. Among the things he does are to direct Spring Arbor University's Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Leadership and helping others continue to benefit from the wisdom of Henri Nouwen through the Nouwen Legacy. Wil was the first person I asked for an endorsement, and the first one to send one to me. It's an honor. (Plus, I really like what he says- any connection made between a cookie jar and prayer is a winner in my book.)

"Prayerful living entails both intentionality and spontaneity. Daniel Harris's work shows what such a combination looks like in concrete fashion! Here's a no-frills piece that brings the cookie jar of prayer into the lower shelf---accessible, relatable, and doable. Harris's memorable three-point outline captures succinctly the essence of how to live prayerfully while his corresponding guides demonstrate well its practical outworking. Definitely a helpful tool for beginners and practitioners alike!" Wil Hernandez, PhD, spiritual director, retreat leader, and author of a trilogy on Henri Nouwen