Recommended Resource: Pray As You Go Podcast

Several months ago, my spiritual director recommended an online resource which I've found very helpful: The Pray As You Go Podcast. For six days of each week, it provides a recording of reflective music, a contemplative reading of Scripture, and a guided reflection on the passage. It's produced by a group of British Jesuits, and one of the Jesuits' greatest contributions to Christian spirituality is how they help the rest of us enter into the world of Scripture in a way that engages our imaginations and our intentions, rather than simply reading the Bible as if were just a textbook.

Each episode of the podcast is +/- 10 minutes long, and every time that I have listened over the past months, I have been grateful that I did. Carving out 10 minutes somewhere in my day by doing this helps me to keep my mind grounded in Scripture in a very prayerful way.

Since those guiding the reflections are Jesuits (a group within Roman Catholicism) and I'm not, every once in a while there's a mention of something with which I'm unfamiliar (such as a feast day), but for the most part I've found myself right at home with where the podcast is designed to guide us, and you likely would as well.

One quick tip: don't try (as I did when I first started listening) to listen to this while driving and think that doing so will be an equal substitute for actually carving out 10 minutes to be still and listen. Praying while driving is a good thing, but we also need habits of praying while doing nothing else. (And you'd better also be doing other things while you're driving.) The best use will come when you can be still for ten minutes, close your eyes, and listen.