Prayers for the Christian Year

I have benefited greatly for several years from reading the Scriptures according to the Revised Common Lectionary, which is a three-year schedule of passages to be used in worship based on the seasons of the Christian year. I've also found it a very helpful exercise to try not only to read these passages repeatedly during their respective weeks, but then to also write a prayer in my own words based on the readings. I will share the prayer that I write during the week leading up to the Sunday when the Scripture passages will be read by all of the churches around the world who follow this schedule of readings. If you're a pastor, or someone else who leads your congregation in prayer on Sundays, please feel free to adapt and use these prayers however it may be helpful.

Since one of the readings is almost always a Psalm, and the Psalms have been the most widely-used tool in prayer for an innumerable group of people seeking God throughout the centuries (including Jesus and his first disciples!), I try to begin my prayer with the way that the particular week's Psalm addresses God. Then, there are often connections between the other readings which I try to pray in a way that will allow them to sink more deeply into my mind.

Because I've also found great value in praying The Lord's Prayer together in worship, as well as repeatedly on my own during the week, I always try to follow my own words in prayer with the words that Jesus himself taught us when he said, "When you pray, pray like this, 'Our Father in heaven..."

Prayers posted so far:

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