From The Top 10 on our list of The Best Christian Books for Spiritual Growth

Note from Daniel: This is my favorite book about the Bible and how we read it. I identify strongly with how McKnight's writing style–he is very accessible and relatable although he also is a first-rate biblical scholar. His love for the Bible and its irreplaceable role in our lives is expressed so well in this thought-provoking book. 

Parakeets make delightful pets. We cage them or clip their wings to keep them where we want them. Scot McKnight contends that many, conservatives and liberals alike, attempt the same thing with the Bible. We all try to tame it. McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet has emerged at the perfect time to cool the flames of a world on fire with contention and controversy. It calls Christians to a way to read the Bible that leads beyond old debates and denominational battles. It calls Christians to stop taming the Bible and to let it speak anew for a new generation.

McKnight challenges us to rethink how to read the Bible, not just to puzzle it together into some systematic theology but to see it as a Story that we’re summoned to enter and to carry forward in our day. In his own inimitable style, McKnight sets traditional and liberal Christianity on its ear, leaving readers equipped, encouraged, and emboldened to be the people of faith they long to be.