From The Top 10 on our list of The Best Christian Books for Spiritual Growth

Note from Daniel: Regardless of whether you feel like you have no clue who the Holy Spirit is or what the Holy Spirit does–or if you have learned quite a bit–Levison's biblical teaching in this exceptional book will challenge and inspire you. It is very well-written, enjoyable, will challenge you deeply, and give you great hope for the kind of life available to us.

In the Bible, the Holy Spirit staggers us with its unexpectedness. The Holy Spirit is not just about speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts or "fruits"—but also about our deepest breath and our highest human aspirations. 

In his book Fresh Air, popular teacher and biblical scholar Jack Levison aims to do nothing less than clarify 2,000 years of confusion on the topic of who the Holy Spirit is, what the Holy Spirit does, and why it all matters. Provocative and life-changing, Fresh Air combines moving personal anecdotes, rich biblical studies, and practical strategies for experiencing the daily presence of the Holy Spirit. In brief chapters, the book finds the presence of the Holy Spirit where we least expect it—in human breathing, in social transformation, in community, in hostile situations, and in serious learning. Fresh Air will unsettle and invigorate readers poised for a fresh experience of an ancient, confusing topic.